What is Fennel AI?

Jumpstarting machine learning is hard. And it’s getting harder with the fragmentation of ML Ops world. A production recommendation system has multiple layers of stack (e.g. vector search, feature store, model serving, monitoring etc.) and there are multiple point solutions available for each. But evaluating all the options and hand stitching them to form a rickety stack is months of work.

That’s where Fennel AI comes in. We provide a bundled ML Platform that can be used to build and ship production grade recommendation systems. This platform is realtime native and is built ground up to be as easy to install/operate/use as possible.

We are an ex-Facebook team that built dozens of production ranking/recommendation systems over the last decade. And we are now excited to bring the technology that only FAANGs of the world have to everyone else.

You can read more about Fennel AI here: https://www.fennel.ai/